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We expertise in the design, implementation and localize support of precise time & frequency synchronization solutions, time distribution chassis and time display. These products are used in a variety of industries and applications – computer networks, satellite earth stations, power utilities, test ranges, broadcast systems, telecommunications systems and more.

We can reliably provide you the most precise and stable GPS-derived time & frequency equipment in the world. That meets the need of spectrally pure frequency signals in your communications system to address all synchronization network needs.

Our premium GPS Time & Frequency Standard for Unmatched Accuracy. Is a modular, network-centric, time & frequency standard that provides the most precise and stable, GPS-synchronized, time & frequency outputs in the world. 

GNSS Reference NTP Time server

Syncing frequency and phase and time of day

Soaring demand coupled with new features standard mean that frequency alignment alone is no longer enough to keep networks in sync. Now phase and time-of-day synchronization and precisely timestamped to enable accurate analysis of network status and fast localization of any fault is also required to take spectrum utilization to new levels and leverage the full capabilities. RN Trust provides product portfolio that enables to meet skyrocketing levels of data demand and also equip their synchronization network in readiness. Harnessing our unique technology enables a seamless upgrade of existing infrastructure and provides phenomenally precise frequency and phase synchronization.

Time and Frequency synchronization



Our Sync Manager application enables operators to monitor timing across diverse network resources

The web interface is designed with security in mind, so its use is restricted to monitoring status, alarms, configuration settings, and installing firmware upgrades and is easily accomplished via the secure HTTPS webpage interface, command line interface (SSH, Telnet, serial port), or SNMP.

Configuration and control is conducted via the network or serial command line interface. Firmware upgrades are enabled only after an authentication process. In addition, the web interface can be completely disabled for those who need the highest level of security. The web page tabbed panels offer quick access to information about the GPS Receiver, Clock, I/O, Faults, NTP, PTP and the Firmware. The IPv4/IPv6 management interface is security hardened to meet the highest Information Assurance (IA) requirements. 

network security hardened

Extra care has been taken to “harden” it against network attacks and achieve the highest level of information assurance. It was developed with the latest version of the Linux operating system and security protocols. The Linux distribution is based on Slackware, a distribution that is famed for its security.

Security conscious users can further strengthen the network interface by disabling protocols (e.g HTTPS, Telnet) and restrict network access to specific hosts.

It was designed in such a way that it is not necessary for you to know Linux to use the product. For those users who are familiar with Linux, we make it easy for you to customize various aspects of the operation to your requirements. 

Time Provider server



Earth stations require an accurate, low-phase-noise frequency reference to support high data rates and comples digital modulation



We meet the ITU-T standard to provide highly accurate nanosecond time, frequency and phase synchronization among mobile backhaul base station and high reliability in operation.



Precision frequency control products support the transition from analog to digital broadcasting



Precision timing products support improved power line fault detection and traffic control


Ensuring 24/7 availability of your NTP with Localize Support Services in UAE/GCC

Ensuring 24/7 availability of your NTP Time Server with Localize Support Services in UAE/GCC Standard Support: Standard Support provides baseline services during business hours for maintaining your NTP Time Server and other related components like antenna, lightning arrestors, amplifiers, etc. post deployment.

Premium Localize Support: Premium Support offers quicker assistance for the issues. This includes all features of Standard Support plus 24 x 7 x 365 availability of technical support engineer, within 4 hours on-site visit in UAE and next business day in other GCC countries, Localize maintenance, and RMA of Hardware devices.


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